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General questions about Evictor Strobe Lights® for repelling squirrels, roof rats, norway rats, raccoons, and other small rodents from attics and crawlspaces.

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Send your technical question to our product managers.

Pest Tools® Strives to be an Industry Leader by Offering Pest Control Solutions which are Effective and Easy to use for Consumers and Pest Control Professionals.

Pest Tools®, through intensive testing and customer satisfaction, is certain that our unique high intensity strobe light evicts squirrels, roof rats, norway rats, and raccoons from dark uncluttered areas within a house or commercial building.

What separates us from imitators is the uniquely bright lights that we use.  Evictor Strobe Lights® work without a doubt on the worst squirrel, rat, and raccoon problems.

We Design and Build our Products in the USA.

Pest Tools® is located in the Philadelphia area. We are proud that are products are built by Americans and shipped across the United States & Canada.


Get Expert Help from Pest Tools. Call 1-855-EVICTOR