Does it work the same as a normal disco strobe light? What’s the difference?

A disco strobe light actually pulses faster than Evictor Strobe Lights® but it only has a fraction of the candlepower.  The Evictor Strobe Light® 100K is a 1 million candlepower high intensity strobe light.  It is the intensity of the strobe lights that make our products so effective on any rodent.

Does the product definitely work? What is the success rate?

The Evictor Strobe Lights® are 100% successful at permanently evicting squirrels, roof rats, norway rats, and raccoons, and just about any other rodent.  They were tested on homes with at least 20 years of squirrel problems.

How long have you been in business?  How Much Experience do you have?

Pest Tools® was formed around the invention of the Evictor Strobe Light & Goo Tunnel by Bill Earl.  He has sold thousands of the strobe lights throughout the United States & Canada for the past seven years.  He also has personally solved hundreds of squirrel problems in the Philadelphia area.  Pest Tools® continues to grow as the word spreads that the Evictor Strobe Light® works on the toughest squirrel, rat, and raccoon problems.

What rodents does it work on?

It works on Squirrels, Rats, & Raccoons living in attics, crawlspaces, and darkened areas under houses.  It does not work on bats.

How many hours should the Evictor Strobe Lights 10K & 100K be left on for in a row?

The Evictor Strobe Lights® 10K & 100K are intended to be left on 24 hours a day, 7 Days a week , 365 days a year.  If you had a serious squirrel problems, with multiple entry holes, and a lot of damage, chances are other squirrels will enter the attic if the strobe light is not left on.

How long does each Strobe Tube/Bulb last?

The Strobe Tubes or Bulbs are rated to last 7000 hours with continuous use of the Evictor Strobe Light®.  Many customers find it lasts well over a year.

Is this going to make my electricity provider rich or does the strobe light consume less than one would expect?

Our products are very energy efficient and portable. The Evictor Strobe Light® 10K Unit is 175,000 Candlepower and covers an area of 900 sq ft. yet discharges no heat.  Energy usage for the Evictor 10K unit is only 105.12 kilowatt hours per year. Running continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a full year, the estimated energy cost is only $9.04.*

*Kilowatt-hours per year are a measurement of energy use. Your utility company uses it to compute your bill. $9.04 is based on continuous use for one year and the 2005 National Government average cost of $.086 per kilowatt hour.

My attic has mounds of pink insulation covering the attic floor. Will the strobe lights be effective if a rodent can tunnel into the insulation?

Squirrels will tunnel into the insulation. In some instances they have built a kind of insulation wall to hide from the light. However, squirrels prefer to live on top of the insulation.  The nests are easy to find because the insulation is depressed into a bowl shape. Also, when you place the strobe lights in the attic, you make the area an unsuitable place for squirrels to raise their young.

My problem is not in my attic. The rodent entered my home through the sub-roof between my first and second floor.  Can a strobe light be placed in this area?

Yes!  The Evictor Strobe Lights® can be placed in a floor or ceiling.

How does the strobe light affect squirrels?

The strobe lights do not scare squirrels at all but annoys their eyes forcing them to leave any darkened spaces.

Does it Work for Mice?

The Evictor Strobe Lights® have not been tested thoroughly to work on mice, in a limited number of instances the strobe light has been successful.  If you have tried the Evictor Strobe Light® on another rodent that is not mentioned on this site please contact Pest Tools® and tell us about it.