Pest Management Professional

"In the Field: Light Makes Right"

"Believe me, the lights are just as nasty for you and me as they are for pests," he says. "in training, we'll keep one on for about four cycles before people say: 'Okay, we get it. You can turn it off now. . ."

The Washington Post

"A Device that Drives Squirrels Nuts"

It's like living in a cheesy '70s nightclub -- a perpetual cheesy '70s nightclub, Studio 54 with a cocaine-addled DJ who refuses to stop the checkerboard dance floor from pulsating."

Pest Control Technology Online

"Going Squirrelly?"

"The Evictor Strobe Light ® is a new tool that can best be described as a repellent. It annoys the animal’s sense of sight and is intolerable. After installation of the strobe light, flying squirrels and Eastern grey squirrels vacate the attic within one or two days."

Ask This Old House

PBS: Ask This Old House "What is It?"

"Well, this is the guest-be-gone.  When they won't leave, you plug this in, and they are gone in five minutes.  And you know what, for your in-laws, they make one with a siren."

Animal Planet Backyard Habitat

Animal Planet: "Backyard Habitat"

"The strobe light goes on, it flashes a lot, it becomes irritating to them, and the animals get the picture that it's not really a place where they're supposed to be. The thing is make your sure you have your curtains drawn in your attic, because your neighbors are going to think you have something wild going on."

NBC Green is Universal

NBC 10 News, Philadelphia, "Green is Universal"

"If you put out poison in the attic, the squirrels could die. These strobe lights are a safe alternative. If you watch it long enough you kind of get motion sickness."