Evictor Strobe Light® - Easy Installation Guide

 Evictor Strobe Light for Squirrels in Attics

1. Determine the size of your attic, crawlspace, wall void, or darkened area.

The Evictor Strobe Light® is an important new tool. It can best be described as a repellent.  It annoys an animal’s eyesight and is intolerable. After installation of the strobe light Flying Squirrels and Eastern Grey Squirrels vacate the attic within one or two days.  Occasionally a customer will report an increase in squirrel activity the first night.  Don’t worry, the squirrels are just frustrated.  The strobe light serves them an eviction notice and they are not happy giving up their territory.

The Evictor Strobe Light® 10K covers a 30ft.x 30ft. area. (900 square ft.) The Evictor Strobe Light® 100K covers a 40ft.x 40ft. area (1600 square ft.). You need to purchase enough strobe lights to cover the desired area and not leave any dark spaces. A squirrel may contintue to live in your attic if it can shield itself from the light.

2.  Before entering the attic, make noise, then stop and listen. 

The absence of noise in the attic usually means that the animals have left the area.  Shine a flash-light into the installation area before entering.  Remember, rodents with young can be aggressive.  I never want to accidentally surprise a squirrel.  If there is a drop staircase I usually slap it against the ceiling a few times before entering the attic. The noise scares them away.

3. Hang up the Evictor Strobe Lights®, Make sure the attic is clear.

Hang up the Evictor Strobe Light™ in a central location, three feet above the floor. The strobe lights should overlap and shine in all dark corners to create an umbrella effect. If there are windows in the attic tape cardboard over them to block off any outside light.

In order for the Evictor Strobe Light 10K & 100K strobe light units to work properly, the space must be uncluttered and as dark as possible.  No other light source should be on to interfere with the performance of this product while in use.  If there are windows in the attic I tape cardboard over them to block off any outside light.

4. Plug in The Evictor Strobe Light®.

Plug in the Evictor Strobe Light® near a light switch or into a surge protector. Leave it on continuously day and night. In as little as twenty-four hours the squirrels will leave the attic.

It is highly recommended that a switch be placed near the entrance of the space where the unit can be turned on and off remotely. For small attics it is convenient to plug the Evictor Strobe Light® 10K unit into a nearby light fixture.  For large attics, where multiple strobe light units are used, I use extension cords and plug them into a power strip placed near the attic opening.  Using the on/off switch on the power strip, all the strobes lights can be turned on or off simultaneously.

5. For best results, it is highly recommended that the Evictor Strobe Light® operate continuously 24/7 year round.

Do not have the Entrance/Exit Holes sealed for at least 1 month. Exposure to the strobe light trains squirrels to hate your home and discourages gnawing and further property damage.

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