Massey Services Inc.
Bob Belmont Entomologist MS

On one of our tests in the past month we have placed your (Evictor Strobe Light 10K) in a squirrel infested attic in Lake Mary, Florida. With only one unit, the (Evictor Strobe Light 10K) elimated squirrel noises at one end of the home but forced the squirrel(s) to the other end of the home.

We then placed the unit at the other end of the home and in a few more days the squirrel(s) had completely left the attic. We continued to run the unit for over 2 weeks after the squirrels left, and since no further activity existed for such a long duration, we removed the unit last week.

In this test we have left the squirrel entry points unsealed to see how long it might take before any squirrels re-enter. It's been one week now and they haven't re-entered! I'll keep you posted.

J.C. Erlich Co. Inc.
Mike Griffith District Manager

I recently had the opportunity to try your product, using it to eliminate a heavy population of flying squirrels from a customers attic. In the past, we relied on trapping for this type of work, which was very time consuming and expensive to the customer. Using your product, I was able to perform this service for about 1/3 of what I used to charge, and was still more profitable. I was very pleased with the results we were able to deliver to our customer. I will recommend your product to other managers in our organization, as well as to our technical training staff.

Verminators Wildlife Evictions
Katy Younts

We installed this product by simply hanging it from a beam and plugging it in. Within a day, she reported no noises. Every two days, we received a call stating that the animals were gone still. But then, she turned off the strobe light and went on Vacation for two weeks. On April 13th, the rascals had moved back into her attic. We informed our customer to turn your strobe light back on and keep it on.

Paradigm Pest Management Inc.
Jim Whitted

I have been in the pest control industry for 20 years. I have used traps and baits, even done exclusions. I started installing the evictor lights about 2 years ago. I wish it was 20 years ago. The Evictor products have made my rodent control program much more efficient and profitable. Keep up the good work and great customer service, we will be selling your product for many years to come!

Andrew O.
Douglasville, GA 

It appears the Evictor Light is a product that truly does what it says. In October 2009, a 100 year flood occurred in Douglas County, Georgia. Afterward, the rodents moved into my house. I could hear rats scurrying about in the attic. I put out traps but caught only 1 rat. The scurrying continued. After installing the Evictor Light in my attic, I heard no more rat noises after only one day. I have also not seen any more rat droppings. I plan to install another Evictor light in my crawl space, and an additional two more lights in my detached garage where I have a major squirrel problem. I might add, the Evictor light made me slightly nauseous and dizzy to be around it. I would presume that is exactly what it does to rodents.

Susan N.
Wilmington, DE 

For several years after buying my house (townhouse configuration), I heard squirrels in the attic space for most of the year, except summertime. (When I was in the process of buying the house, my inspector had reported that some of the wiring in the attic space had been chewed over time, which I had to replace.) I tried a whole range of products, with no effect.

About 8-9 months ago (Fall 2008), I purchased the Squirrel Evictor and hung it in my attic space. Within a few days, I stopped hearing critters up there. I waited to see what would happen over time, having read that squirrels remember favorite nesting places & return (even several generations). Every few weeks for a couple of months after hanging the unit, I heard some scratching & runnning in the attic space (which sounded rather frantic, compared to the previous "we own this place" running and scratching), but it did't last. The squirrels had tried to return, and were repulsed by the strobe light.

I have never found any other product that worked as well.

Tiffen, OH 

I live close to the Sandusky River in Tiffin, OH and had everything from racoons to squirrels in my attic and crawl space. It's not fun to try and box trap these animals and if you do get lucky enough to catch one where do you take it? I purchased (2) evictors in Dec. 2007, and within 3 days their party was over. I recommend this product to anyone with a rodent problem, it's worth every penny.

Gordon & Jerri-Lynne
LaFayette, NY

We are still squirrel-free well over a year after installing five units. Just put in two more (one in attic, one in crawlspace) as insurance. Thanks again for a great product.

Lacy R.
Eastover, SC

You and your lights are my "Pied Piper!" After more than 30 years, I no longer hear the "pitter-patter" of tiny feet running in the attic!! The silence is glorious!!  Your product is truly, the only way to rid your dwelling of these pests. Nothing else will work!  You have my heartfelt gratitude!

Richard T.
Peachtree City, GA

We have been using the evictor for 2 years and it has kept our attic squirrel free.
Prior to using this product, nothing that we tried seemed to work. The bulbs just started to burn out and now we notice at night the squirrels are returning, so replacements have been ordered.

Fran B.
Norristown, PA

I had extensive squirrel problems for over 35 years.  Two units were placed in my attic space and the problem was solved in 48 hours. I am so satisfied that there is a product out there that finally works.  I have spent thousands of dollars over the years but they always returned. The squirrels do not even come around my house anymore.